The Download

You want to create your own database? No problem, just download the java tool set (Mandtool). The new version 1.1 has been released now:

Note: At least Java 6 is required.

It is possible to create your own local image base or to extend an existing one, for example, the one hosted by this site. The image base URL is

See the comments in the .mandtool configuration file inside the distribution to learn how to configure your database appropriately. Please refer to the README file for further installation instructions.

The extremely high resolution has been achieved by using the GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library. The default behaviour of the toolset is to use pure Java. This means: the type BigDecimal. This is extremely slow. If you want to go further you should choose to switch to the native solution using the GMP library. The required DLLs for Windows 7 are part of the distribution, but you have to install the Redistributable Package from Microsoft to be able to use them. If you want to use the native extension you have to switch to the 32 bit version of Java, because there is no 64 bit version, so far.

So far, there is no support for other platforms. Please contact me to get the C++ sources, if you want to provide support for another platform. If you want to participate in the development of the toolset, you can have direct access to the sources. The Java distribution is hosted in a git repository at Github. The project is mandelsoft/Mandtool.

Good luck for selecting interesting areas
Uwe Krüger