The Control Window

The control window allows to configure the display mode and the mapping of the area raster data to viewable images. For each topic there is a separate tab. The four major tabs are explained here.

The Colormap Tab

The colormap tab shows a list of pre-manufactored colormaps provided together with the image database. You can show the colormaps or activate them for the currently displayed area.

When selecting a new colormap the raster behind the currently displayed area is automatically remapped to the current colormap size and the image content is updated. Afterwards the colormap can be manipulated as usual using the colormap window.

The Image Tab

On the image tab you can select the mapping method used to map the iteration values of raster data to colormap indices.

There is no compression, the colormap entries are directly mapped to iteration values. If there are more iteration values than colormap entries, the mapping starts again from the beginning (using the modulo operation).
Uses an statistical approach to compress the number of used iteration values to the size of the colormap.
Same as above, but also adapt the colormap size, to achieve a better mapping

Additionally it is possible to resize the colormap to refine the grading of the mapping among iteration values and colormap color indices.

The Mapping Tab

Here it is possible to control the general mapping behavior when loading area raster files without any image data and the colormap resizing method.

The Display Tab

The display tab allows to control the sub area highlight and the pixel tooltip behavior.