The Main Window

The main window displays an image for the currently selected area. It is the root for all further actions. All functions can be reached via its context menu. The most often used actions can be directly reached by mouse actions.

Dive Down Deep

To dive into precalculated sub areas just double-click somewhere into this area on the main window. The areas can be shown by clicking at the lower right corner (see below). Alternatively you can load sub areas using the context menu Sub Areas->Load->area name. To go up just click at the lower left corner or choose Parent from the context menu.

Sensitive Corners

The four corners of the main window can be used like buttons:

Upper Left:
Show image meta data
Lower Left:
Go back to parent area
Lower Right:
Highlight areas of pre-calculated sub areas
Upper Right:
Show Colormap Manipulation Window

The areas of the image covering precalculated areas are sensitve for double clicks. A regular double-click navigates to the selected sub area. If the shift-key is pressed, the meta data of the sub area is shown.

Context Menu

The context menu gives you access to additional functions: It can be used to open the control window, to open a browser for dedicated area lists, to clone the window (opening a new applet main window), or to control the slide show mode and the colormap rotation. The home entry leads back to the root area.

The Julia option opens a separate window that shows the julia image for a point of the mandelbrot set. While pressing the Alt-Key the image follows the mouse pointer to show the julia image for the point under the pointer.